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Why 3P's?

Many of our clients ask why 3P’s? Why not just focus on profit alone? We focus on understanding the importance of developing standardized processes that deliver consistent & repeatable results. People make it possible and are often ignored when embarking on profit. Ultimately profit is just your measure of success. In our 6 week course we’ll demonstrate why it is critical to have all 3P’s working together to achieve the best outcome. We have some of the most experienced people in the industry on our team who will be facilitating this course.

Maximize your PROFIT with 3P estimating by

Want to maximize your Profit? CrashBay has developed an in depth 6-week course focused on the 3P's of estimating: People, Process & Profit. Shops will participate in group coaching and receive one-on-one feedback. After the course CrashBay coaches will support you to ensure maximized profitability is a permanent element of your business! 

5-in-10: Pelletier's Auto Body

Great discussion with Roy Pelletier of Pelletier's Auto Body, a third generation owner of a family business started by Roy's Grandfather. Roy talks about adapting to digital communication with clients while trying to maintain a high level of care. He also talks about instituting new processes in the production area and front office as they adapt to a post-COVID-19 world. Certified in 12 OEM brands Pelletier's believes in quality and it's something they want to be known for. "Let us take care of you" in their tagline and it's evident in their culture and results.

5-in-10: Formula First Collision

We sat down with Frank Gobbato of Formula First Collision in Windsor. Talk about a niche business; they've got a cafe and restaurant in their front lobby! If that wasn't enough to make their clients feel comfortable; they're also certified in over 15 OEM brands and adding more! Frank talks about the evolution of the industry and how technicians have risen to the level of engineers. Frank also talks about how collaborating with the OEM's has helped their business weather the storm during COVID-19.

5-in-10: Maaco Houston, Texas

We sat down with Kevin Taylor of Maaco Houston in Texas. We covered a lot of subjects but in particular Kevin emphasized the importance of Clarity, & Communicating in order to provide Calmness for his staff as they adapted to COVID-19. So much more here, Kevin really wants to deliver that "X-factor" experience to every client!

5-in-10: European Auto Body

Manuel De Luca of European Auto Body sits down with to talk about how they integrated virtual processes like; E-signatures to make their customers feel safe during COVID. Known for treating their clients like family and being the only certified Ferrari & Maserati Collision Repair Centre in Canada! “Car-girls & guys” this is your shop!

5-in-10: Tsawwassen Collision

Another small business owner interview with Peter Sziklai of Tsawwassen Collision in Tsawwassen, BC (Located in Delta, 30 minutes from Downtown Vancouver). Peter talks about investing in R&D as well as expanding his front office to improve the client experience. He also talks about the rapid change the automotive industry has experienced in the last several years as vehicle technology becomes more complex.

5-in-10: Budds' Collision

We sat down with J.R. Martino of Budds’ Collision in Oakville, ON. Budds' Group includes a family of car dealers including brands like BMW, Jaguar, LandRover, Mini, Subaru, Mazda, Chev & more (also Tesla certified)! J.R. really emphasizes the human element of their business and the important measures they've taken during COVID-19 to create a comfortable environment for their customers and employees.

5-in-10: Pfaff Autoworks

How do small businesses survive COVID? We sat down with Jeff Pabst of PFAFF Autoworks in Vaughn, Ontario part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The PFAFF brand is well known as a luxury and specialty operator. Jeff talks about process improvements, adapting their business to maintain operations as an essential business and implementing new innovations within the business. PFAFF wants to be known as the best of the best and a shop that never compromises quality, safety or factory OEM standards.

5-in-10: Maaco Edmonton

We sat down with Carmello Mirante of Maaco in Edmonton, Alberta who is the co-owner along with his brothers Walter & Nick Mirante. A passionate family business - these guys are as real as it comes! is proud to feature small business owners & their brands. Hosted by John Harvey, Founder of Inc.