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5-in-10: 360 Collision Centres - Part 2

Check out Part 2! Rick Francoeur 360 Collision Centres talks about opening one of the first satellite stores in BC! 360 Fabrication Inc. #insurtech#collisionrepair #insurancesolutions #autobody #oemcertified



5-in-10: 360 Collision Centres - Part 1

Rick Francoeur of 360 Collision Centres in Abbotsford, BC sits down with - John Harvey for 5 questions in 5 minutes.... (well this one was 10 minutes so we did part 1 & part 2)!

Business Owner Interviews! "5-in-10" series

We started the "5-in-10" (originally "5-in-5") concept to provide a platform to small business owners - interviewing them as they tell the stories of their businesses and their brands in their communities!  Authentic stories from real business owners - if you're a student of business and continuous improvement you'll enjoy this platform.  Stay tuned for many more business owner interviews! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more:

COVID Response: CrashBay Offering Free Lean Courses's small part to help small businesses through this challenging time.  We will release a series of lean videos over the next several weeks.  Including the following topics:

  • 5S in five minutes
  • 2 minutes on each of the 5S's
  • 8 process wastes and how to reduce or eliminate them
Protect Your Car's Paint

Learn How to Protect Your Car's Paint in the Winter

If you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to live somewhere with harsh winter weather, you’re probably well aware of the toll it can take on your vehicle. Winter car protection is critical to keeping the exterior of your car looking like new. Without it, the salt used to de-ice roads, parking lots, and driveways will begin to eat away at the metal parts and paint on your car.

Here are the steps to take to prevent rust on car paint.

Winterize Your Car

Top 10 Ways to Winterize Your Car

The winter season can create harsh conditions for your car. It can cause you to breakdown on the side of the road or require costly repairs. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can reduce the risk of a breakdown or having an accident and keep your car operational throughout the window. Here are ten winter car tips to winterize your vehicle no matter where you live.

3 Winter Road Safety Tips

CrashBay's Bold Plan was featured in Collision Repair Magazine's December 2019 print edition.

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