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Team & Standards

Our Mission:

Helping car owners and car shops find each other

We do this by connecting thousands of qualified car shops in ONE search engine marketplace; built specifically for all things under the care care umbrella.  Making it easier for car owners and car shops to connect!

Currently in Canada and the USA, but we're not stopping there.  Our marketplace will span the globe!

John Harvey, Founder & CEO

John Harvey, Founder & CEO

With a background in insurance and franchising John was a pretty boring guy... Then he got his MBA and became a real snoozer!  Suddenly one day a lightbulb went off in John’s head and he asked himself:  "Why isn’t there a way to list all qualified car shops in one dedicated marketplace where shops big and small can compete in one ecosystem and car owners could just book an appointment with them instantly?"  Then John really got to work and hired some smart people way more interesting than him to execute on the vision and CrashBay was born!

Jeff Keddie, COO

Jeff Keddie, COO

So Jeff is really smart!  And he’s worked on some pretty cool stuff, he also owned a bunch of his own businesses that he eventually built up and sold.  After that Jeff was bored and looking for a new challenge.  He decided to get his MBA too and then use his big brain to help small businesses in the car business become way more profitable and happy.  So Jeff coaches a lot of shop owners to be a better version of themselves which makes Jeff a really popular guy.  He’s also really good at finance and helping owners buy and sell businesses!


Bora, Technology

Bora leads all things in the technology and magic department.  He is a wizard on the keyboard where he works miracles with this team.

Andria, Learning

As a certified teacher and professional educator, Andria brings a new level of learning to our subscribers.  She's known for running a tight ship and she's not afraid to put her students in the corner!

Daniel, Client Services

Daniel will dance his way into your heart with his dazzling salsa moves and warm smile.  If anyone knows how to keep the client at the centre it's Daniel.  He also gives great hugs!

Isabelle, Marketing

Isabelle brings her creative flare to everything she touches and this makes our subscribers very happy!  She uses her artistic brilliance to make our shop's "pop" off the page, showcasing their brands to car owners everywhere on the inter-webs! 

CrashBay Advisory Services Associates

CrashBay Advisory Services Associates

CrashBay has assembled a team of Advisory Services Associates who deliver coaching, advice, business development, sales, purchasing, vendor and operational support.  Learn more about our partner programs within our "Marketplace" section for subscribers.


CrashBay subscriber shops are accredited in a number of industry programs such as OEM certifications.  CrashBay has partnered with third party auditors to verify quality, compliance & adherence to standards.


Subscribers participate in on-going technical training, learning and development


Equipment requirements aligned to industry accreditation standards

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The First Open Marketplace For Car Care & Repair

Our Vision

Making Car Care and Repair Easier for Everyone!  

We do this by connecting thousands of qualified car shops with car owners, insurers and fleet management companies in communities everywhere, regardless of their brand name - that's what makes us a marketplace!  

All while delivering value-added services and perks to our shop subscribers and clients.