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How Does It Work?

For Car Owners

For Shop Owners

For the car owner

For the car owner


Get your car repaired faster at the first available qualified shop


Respects your freedom of choice as a consumer, book & review online


Ability to choose qualified local independent repairers in your community

For the shop

For the shop


Show clients how much available capacity you have - book as much work as you want


Access to major programs & marketplace benefits - Ease of Doing Business


Visible to the general public, insurers & others; while promoting your own brand

For the insurer/fleet company

For the insurer/fleet co.

Convenient Capacity 

Access to all members' online calendar at the first notice of loss


Shorter lead times, access to full market capacity on-demand, lower claims costs   


Pre-qualified shops, properly equipped and trained 

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The First Open Marketplace For Collision Repair

Our Vision

To connect pre-qualified collision repairers with car owners, insurers and fleet management companies in communities across North America, regardless of brand affiliation.  All while delivering value-added services to our subscribers - through our proprietary online marketplace.